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  1. Ah hello, I'm new here, though I made the account a while ago. And still a bit confused as to what I'm doing.
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  2. Hello Diana! 8D I'm Diana!
  3. Diana! Diana! Have you meet Diana!?

    It's a wonderful name, glad to have you yepyepyep!

    Welcome to Iwaku!

    If you have any specific questions about the site or just want some basic info on how to rp here, feel free to contact one of our lovely staff team :) We are more than happy to answer your questions and help in any way we can.
  4. Hi Diana, you've met Diana right? Is it ok if I call you Diana J? I have a bad association with Jordan as a girl name :(

    If you're confused you can always PM me! Actually you can always PM me for anything; I love chatting!

    Basically though; here's my Iwaku Newbie Guide!

    #1: Introduce yourself!

    #2: Read the 101 board for any subject you want explained (link)

    #3: You can start using Iwaku in three basic ways

    - Meeting people/Goofing Off
    In this case I recommend visiting General Chatting, the chats, and the board games forums! Don't be shy about posting if you have something to add!

    - Roleplaying
    The Jump In boards let you jump in to any Roleplay and start playing without having to be approved or play a predetermined part. You can also search the other boards for more serious threads

    - Learning/Playing
    The Content forums are where you want to head for this! You can complete fun challenges to test your skills, or learn new ways to improve and expand your writing with some exercises!
  5. Ah, nice to meet you, Diana. How're you?
  6. Diana J is just fine, thanks uwu! Super sorry if a Jordan was a butt to you. And this is super helpful as I was unsure of how to start on here. I'll look into these. But thank you again.
  7. I am very good! It's the first time we've had a different Diana around in a long long long time! >:3