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  1. Yup, I'm a newbie here. Me and my sister used to roleplay like crazy when we were younger and I miss that form of collaborative storytelling, plus I'd like to try out new genres and explore themes I can't seem to grasp in my own works. Im a huge epic fantasy, scifi, and horror fan-one of my favorite and most respected TV shows is Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, if that serves of an example, but I also loved Farscape, Lexx: The Series, Forever Knight, and Total Recall:2070. Right now, I'm really into The Big Bang Theory and Community, as well as Game of Thrones.
  2. YES! Another one for the Horror team! >:D Also, welcome to Iwaku.
  3. Hello Fellow Scooby! Welcome to Iwaku, EmmaWilliams! I'm a big Buffy fan tooooo. Or at least I was until it started getting dark and people started dying and watching an episode of Buffy was a lesson in ALL THE FEELS AND EMOTIONS.

    I hope you find all the things you want to explore and people to explore them with! Dance, Muse, dance! *plies with hot chocolate and various cookies/biscuits and flees!*
  4. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! Season six would have been okay for me if they hadn't ALL been going downhill, all at the same time and to the degrees that they did. But that's the only season I had any major problems with.