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You'll get used to the site, it's fairly easy to handle once you get used to it and all, the people are nice enough and will give you plenty of help if you just ask :D
I'll help, obviously so just ask kay? ^-^
Any way you needed to see how the avatar/ profile pick thing worked as you didn't seem to get it via me explaining x3
not my fault i'm dumb, and at least i can reply now x3, how good am i..... yeah i know you're thinking "jackass" xD
Well Hello there new person that is friends/invited by Uni and seeming to have a scary time! XD Welcome to Iwaku!
Greetings and salutations! Welcome to Iwaku!

Iffin' chu have questions or need help feel free to ask the staff!

They are friendly... for the most part anyways.

*hands Connore a present*
oh thanks.... :D uhm... i think i've got the hang of it, thanks for posting? sorry i didn't reply sooner.. D:
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku, I am Ike with the outdated sig. picture XD. Anyway if you have any questions please ask, I should be around to help
Welcome to the site.
Thanks guys. my friend got me on this site so check her out... yeah..
Welcome New Organic Life Form. I am Rory Evil Master Mind Exordinair one of the admins of this here site. Enjoy your time here. And remember don't feed Vay. He's one of my minions and has been rather upstart lately.
ah i see... well thanks evil master mind exordinair, and i'll remember not to feed him :DD
No Rory tries and kind of succeeds but I was talking about feeding Vay
ohhh..... nah, i wont feed anyone, i like my hands :3 i don't wanna lose them
Those are kind of important I can see why one would want to keep them intact