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So who here enjoys a good adventure?

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  1. Yes

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  2. I have no opinion on this matter.

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  4. I am highly offended by this question and ask you to kindly go get stepped on

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  1. Hi.

    I'm new here! Well, technically speaking.

    I've been role playing for the past four years, but I recently fell out of practice.
    This is mostly because... Well, in my last community I was severely abused and it shattered my confidence in my role playing talent.

    Well no longer I say!

    I'm finally coming out of the closet, in a good way.
    I am tired of having no outlet for creativity, and no new people to meet.
    I'm here today because I have a dream.
    A dream where I become Martin Luther King Jr.

    But that's my closet dream.

    My dream is to find a community of people who are fun, happy, and kind enough to respect each others opinions. A community where people aren't judged by their articulation, or their ability to write! A community where creativity and will are viewed as the pinnacle of talent, not just literacy or intricacy. A community where everyone is viewed as equal, and an outlet for all is given at every opportunity!

    A community that has poker night every Friday, but that too is my closet dream.

    But most of all, a community where there's a family, a peace of mind per-say. And I ended up here, for better or worse, typing this, hoping people don't laugh me out the door, across the street, and off my computer. If anyone disagrees or is offended in any way by anything I say, I encourage them to tell me what I did wrong so that I may either change it or make it better- this time I promise to give my %100^2.

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  2. Not much you?

    Well so far for me the community has been pretty good. Nothing that really stands out. I hope it is what you are looking for!

    Hmm... Poker, call me in.

    A good roleplayer isn't one who can portray any character, talk any NPC out of their secrets and not even one who can roll dice. A good roleplayer is someone with the ability to imagine and with the confidence to do so. - Iron Men And Saints
  3. Come on, let's be real. The first impression you get about anyone over the interwebs is by HOW and WHAT they write.

    Still, Iwaku is cool because it slaps you for being a douche about it, not for writing one liners if you like to do so. So no matter what you do, you should - really - have good time here, and that's what I wish for you!

    That said - take care, find some people to roleplay with, and I hope your confidence crawls back to you as well!

    PS You have bonus points in my book for "sup" already.
  4. I joined the site yesterday! I'm no Iwaku veteran, but I've been RP'ing for a while.

    One thing I've learned is that updating your user profile (specifically the Roleplayer's Resume located in the 'Preferences' portion) is really helpful in expressing what types of RP you like and what you're looking for. It's great for matching your interests up with other players!

    That being said, I do love a good adventure so I'm open to any plot ideas you might have. Something fun might just stick! :D
  5. You have quite an introduction there.

    Sounds like a well-prepared speech!

    We welcome you.

    Both of us!

    Just don't count the parasite.

    Aaw shucks.
  6. I'm pretty swell, thanks for askin'.

    Oh my lawdy.
    I'm so happy that I wasn't thrown out and shot at on the first day, so, so happy. Thank you for giving me feedback, i'll make sure to take everything under consideration. There is so much here to decide on, it's hard to choose. Not that having FPTSD helps.
    I'll just spend some time looking through all the stories being written right now and try to find one to join.
    *Force myself to go into in hopes I get the same reception there as here.

    Does anyone in here know any good jokes?
  7. Mmm jokes...

    What do you get when you cross a dumbass and an emo?
    Show Spoiler

    Me. :(
    ( Just kidding... I hope. )
  8. I hope it's kidding too. DumbassXEmo sounds a lot like fan-fiction.
    Fanfiction that would get so many fangirls.
    So many.
  9. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I like your avatar.
  10. I was also severely abused on my last roleplay forum.

    Then I retired from being Iwaku Administrator.

    Check out Prosperos if you're into epic fantasy quests.