Hi :)

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Chyla Isis

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Hi! I'm Chyla. I'm happy to join and get to know new people and roleplay. But if someone could pretty please help me out a little, I'd love them forever!
Thanks so much!
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku got a question just ask... um do you has treat, I want something to eat.
*tosses Ike cookies* no begging!

Welcome to Iwaku, there are a landslide of people willing to answer any questions you might have so ask away, if one person doesn't know something someone else will!
Welcome to the site.
Ah, fresh meat.

Do beware the meat grinder that is Insanity. You'll live longer that way.
Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Zypher, your friendly RP global mod! Any questions you have I am more then willing to answer, as well as a lot of others around. ^^
For one, Arsenal X4A, that's kind of creepy. And thanks everyone else. I'm just mostly curious if I need a character sheet or certain things on my page or anything.
I know Arsenal geez! A normal hello? A joke lacking c4? HAVE SLUGS INVADED YOUR BRAIN MAN!? (*hugs* youknowi'justeasing)

*offers Isis candy* you really can't trust people you meet on the internet.

No, chiqua, no main character sheet... unless you want one or something. There's some rps you can even just jump in with no cs at all! But most have an out of character thread and you can make a different character based on the theme and plot.

God! I'm trying to be helpful! I feel so ooooooold....
Welcome to the Iwaku.
*gives cupcake*