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My name is YukiNightOwl, but call me Yuki for short or even Yuki Neko. I'm a fan of Vampires and anime. I work with computers and I like String Theory; Alternative Universe and 11 Dimensions.

I'm also friends with Rory, via Facebook.

So what sorts of things are you people into?

I'm TK, the crazy fox/kitsune enthusiast. If you need anything, give me a ring.
Hi :D

I'm Sakura, currently my username is Sakusaur because I've been singing the barney song and bothering everyone xD
I'm the crazy hyper maniac little-sister of Iwaku ;D

Come to me if you have any questions or need any help :)

My favourite anime is Card Captor Sakura, I'm a total gamer and I love to SING ;D

Oh yeah, and Rory is my Rorehniichan :D

Welcome to the site.
Zomg, is that Yuki from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu in your avatar? HEARTS. One of the best anime to come out of Japan, I think. Welcome to the forum everyone is very nice.
Welcome to Iwaku! If you have any questions or want to join a roleplay hunt me down and I'll help you out! Also there's lots of fun things to do in the general section!

I love me some Japanese music and can pretty much list all of the first 5 generations of Morning Musume members...Also I love anime Orphen!
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

Oh, yeah the things I am into are Anthropomorphism *more just drawing*, drawing, and writing. One more thing I am clean, just if you ever ask at all.

*walks off into the shadows*
While is a bit weird for me to greet my "Imouto" here, welcome Yuki. Since you know me in RL, I'll just answer your questions that way. lol
Hello Yuki! I'm Tuxedo Mask but you can call me Tux everyone else does!

I personally enjoy playing and writing music, as well as dancing, drawing, and writing!
Hi Yuki,

I'm Vay, Though while not an anime fan nor liking modern vampire stories (old ones are good though, I'm a fan of classic horror) I'm sure we'll be seeing eachother around. If you seed help with an RP or are finding Rory's answers too out there for you drop me a PM. I find nothing helps an idea out more than a fresh perspective and mine is freely available anytime.

Looking forward to seeing you IC, meantime why not tell us more of your likes/dislikes by filling out a ROLEPLAYER'S RESUME.
I'm Grandmaster Karsikan, Resident Grey Knight and slayer of Daemon's, Heretics and DerpDerpistan.

Slyen here to say welcome to the site Yuki. Have a question, ask a staffie. Have a problem, talk to a staffie. Have fun and RP to a level you can keep up with.
If you're having fun we can fix that too you know!
Hio, I'm z Gourry and...............GOOGLYBOP!!!