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  1. Hi to all who visit this thread i am eclipse moon i am a angelic fox who loves to fight honestly i am pretty good at hand to hand and staff weapons not so hot with swords and others but if you have any questions feel free to ask i won't bite.
  2. Hai thur! ^w^

    Welcome to Iwaku! Please take note of our awesome roleplay academy forum for its an amazing place to learn character development, story outlining, and becoming the best writer you can be!

    And I'm not an angelic fox.
    I'mma Mala. ^^

    Hope to see you around!! :DDD
  3. I am a slug

    *slimes you with the slime of welcoming*

  4. Thanks and i think im a pretty adequate role player. My punctation is what i need to work on the most.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, eclipse.moon!

    If you want to improve your punctuation, just practice! Practice always makes things better for us in the long run, xD. So...glad to have you here dear, go and start roleplaying!