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  1. I'm Karvasha. I normally don't see the point in introducing myelf because I know I never check these places out for roleplay partners, but I guess it wouldn't be here if it wasn't somewhat useful, eh?

    I'm not really feeling the site yet, and it seems a little confusing to me. I already posted a roleplay ad, but seeing as it's now on the second page and this is 2013, I think that's dead. If anyone happens to read this and by some miracle finds me interesting, just message me, pm me... Whatever ou do on this site. I'm sure I'll probably get a notification about whatever it is anyways.
  2. Hi there Karvasha! Welcome to the site!

    It does take a little bit of poking around and getting used to, but once you get settled in, Iwaku's a great place to be. The community is just amazing. If you need any help just ask away. I've taken a a look at the RP you posted and while it isn't really my thing, I hope I can help out.

    First of all, I think the thread you made would do better as a sign-up. People rarely look at threads other than their own when they look at the IC forum, so if you want, I can move your thread from the OnexOne IC section to the OnexOne Sign-ups/Plot discussions forum where it can garner more attention. Here's another tip: You can advertise in two places, normally three, but this is a OnexOne after all.

    You can post an RP Ad/Interest Check here: Roleplay Talk and you can post the link to your RP here: Chatbox. Don't do it too often though! Once every few hours is good enough.

    The thing is, too, the OnexOne IC forum moves fast so threads get buried quick. The thread will be more visible in the sign-ups area. And if you advertise, I'm sure you can find an RP partner! It just takes a little bit of time, so don't lose hope!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay in Iwaku!