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  1. I'm brand new here, and I wanted to introduce myself to you guys. My name is Sunny Eclipse.. (AKA Sunny)...My friend told me about the wonders of Iwaku and I finally decided to join. Also, English is not my first language, so please be gentle...I can write in Spanish...*thumbs up* ^w^
  2. Ah, look who showed her face hahaa welcome to iwaku
  3. Thanks and sooner or later you know i'd show up.
  4. I don't know shit!
  5. Lies!
  6. Whatever believe what you want! This is what I get for welcoming you! Damn Krin owes me big time
  7. Ohhhhhhhh......o.o.....O.O.....O////O...>.>.. nvm... and hey don't bring her into this she was just being a good friend.
  8. I'm aware hahaa she's my best friend. So yea -scratches head- welcome to iwaku
  9. *smiles* Thanks....*whispers*...and she's my bestfriend too...
  10. Never said she wasn't
  11. I know *looks down* sorry..
  12. -pats shoulder- it's fine, most people find me the one they get threatened by. -rubs back of head- before we were you know they always made the jokes that if we got together the rest of them would be screwed so honestly I'm use to those reactions from everyone who loves her. It's tough but I get over it.
  13. For me it's more like I don't have many girls I can call friends....I don't get along with that gender very well...so it's kinda like " must keep friend!! Rawr" but I can see why that would happen to you..*nods in understatement* sorry man..
  14. Fuck it -shrugs-
  15. Another friend of Krin's? Yay!
    Hi *waves* I'm Lawk. I know I already said this on your page but, welcome to iwaku!
  16. Thank you again! *Waves back* I'm Sunny! [​IMG] I like you already!
  17. We're gonna have fun!
  18. Great more crazy...
  19. Don't be happy the three of you are going to kill me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.