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  1. I wasn't really certain what to name my introduction as I spied many other unique ones so I settled with hi. I'm Aerires, nice to meet you all. I've come across a lot of communities, however, none as big as this one. I am still looking around, trying to finish up my profile, etc.

    Hopefully this will be a home I can settle in, expand my writing to share with some of you as well as create one on one roleplays.

    Let me see, a resident of Louisiana, for the moment. I plan on doing some traveling in the near future. Where you might ask? I haven't a clue haha. I love my gaming systems ranging from the ps1 all the way up to 4 with a psp in between. Excited to find out FF7 will have a remake, I just wish XV would make a completed appearance. Don't get me wrong, the demo was a slice of red velvet cake but I need more.

    When I'm not gaming I can be found working at a little store in a mall somewhere in the great gumbo state nearly all the time and on the side I enjoy movies. Recently saw Jurassic World, good movie, not up to the original at least to me. Inspired me to check out Lego Jurassic World though.

    Now with roleplaying, I jump right into characters, multiple ones, insane ones, flawed ones, those with stories to tell. I enjoy giving the details, setting up a look into the world with what genre might be at play. I love sharing the responsibility with partners. I hope to complete my resume soon so if you are looking for a partner I would be happy to be such one!
  2. Hi Aerires!

    Question: I'm curious! How do you pronounce your name? I read it as Aeries at first, then spotted the second 'r' in there. Maybe it's just the practically-Canadian side of me, but I just can't wrap my mind around it despite trying for longer than necessary O_O


    Welcome! I'm glad you're working on your Resume as that is super important - lots of people check those out to make sure you're a compatible partner! As for the roleplaying itself, I'm not sure if you prefer Group Roleplays or 1x1's. Thankfully we have both! There are several Group Roleplays that are currently open and accepting new applications right now, plus there are always at least two dozen or more requests for 1x1s. If you don't see anything in either of those that strikes your fancy, don't hesitate to start your own thread! You mentioned how large the site is - that definitely works to your advantage. With a massive number of members, you're bound to find somebody with the same interests to start a story with!

    We also have an Institute under our Content section with some exercises to help polish up your skills and knock the rust off if necessary :D If that's not your thing, check out the General Chatting for random conversations, or the Chatbox to blabber on with other members in real time. There's a ton more that I could go on about, but I'd hate to overwhelm you in your first ten minutes of being here, so...


    Enjoy! Don't hesitate to ask questions!

  3. Hi Everly! It sounds like Air-ri-es.
    Thank you for the information, I appreciate it.
  4. Hello Aerires,

    I'm new to this site as well so I may not be able to help you on all the technical stuff as well as the lovely miss Everly can :]

    But if you ever want to chit chat, need an rp partner, or need someone to bounce some ideas off of i'm your girl :]

  5. Why thank you Foxy.
  6. Welcome to the site, Aerires! Have a great time on Iwaku! If you're looking for roleplays, Group Roleplays and One on One Roleplays are a great place to start for multi-person or two person roleplays! If you want to share pieces of writing or art with the members of Iwaku, you should check out Museum of Creative Arts, and if you want to learn how to improve your skill in roleplaying in any field, check out the Roleplay Institute, as well as the Worldbuilding Guild :D If you want to take a relax from roleplaying head to General Chat or Cbox! Welcome to the site and I hope you make lots of great roleplays and great friends on Iwaku :D
  7. Much appreciated!
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