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  1. Hi, my name is Scarlett! I'm new to this website but I've been roleplaying for years and I love it. I generally like to play female characters, although I am willing to fit male roles if needed. I'm great with one-on-one roleplaying and although I've never done a group one like the ones on this site I would love to try one! The genres I really enjoy are fantasy, romance, modern, action, suspense, etc. but you can find out about all that on my roleplay resume. I haven't had an opportunity to start any roleplays on here yet, so feel free to hit me up and see if we could start something together! I generally like to write lengths of anywhere from one paragraph to 3 or 4 and can flex to fit needs of the roleplay as well.
  2. Hi Scarlett!

    I *love* your avatar. Very nice. If you're willing to experiment with group roleplays, you've definitely come to the right place. We have an entire section for groups, and they're divided by genre to make it easier for you to find one you like. We have a lot of them going right now, with many still accepting new characters/applications. Feel free to poke around there and see if any catch your eye!

    As far as 1x1's go, it's much the same. Lots of genres and lots of requests! Of course, if you don't see anything you really feel like doing, you can always start your own request thread with an idea that somebody else may pick up and run with :D

    Good luck! Let us know if you have any questions!
  3. Hi there!

    Thanks, it was just one of the preset ones but I really, really liked it! (I'm a big mage roleplayer!) Thank you for the nice comment, I've been looking through some one-on-ones and seen some I really like. I'm a little more shy when it comes to the group roleplays but I'll start looking through them and see if I can't find one that I can jump into. Thanks for the comment! :D
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  4. Welcome to the site, Scarlett! There are many roleplays in Iwaku that would fit under your scope of roleplays, such as suspense as an example. People who can write at any length are welcomed on Iwaku and it's nice to have you with us in our community. If you have any questions, make sure to ask anyone, as we're all very friendly and willing to give you the help you need to create something awesome!
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