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  1. Hello, I'm new. I love to roleplay
  2. So do we all >w< Hey there :'D Welcome to Iwaku.~
  3. Hello there...Miss? Welcome to Community!Any questions? Please ask them! I am Rain and I would be happy to help you out
  4. Hi, so do I and everybody here.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
    Have a cookie, browse, pick a roleplay, enjoy.
  5. Sel! Fix thy cookiedom!

    Hey, it's good to meetcha! Don't forget to fill out your Roleplay Resume, it'll help find that compatible RP buddy! And visit the cbox some time and hang out with us!
  6. Hi there anime chick person... welcome to the Rps.
  7. Well.. you came to the right place if you love to roleplay! :D
    Welcome to Iwaku ^.^
  8. Why hello there!

    Welcome, welcome to Iwaku! Enjoy your time here!
  9. a strange pale white haired boy runs over too you Hii ^^ Haves this! *Gives her a cookie made from clay*
  10. Welcome! I'm October! I love to roleplay too!
  11. I love to roleplay too, but you'd never guess. 8D Welcome to the site!