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  1. Hello!
    My name is... well.. let's assume that "Yu" is my name. Yea, I know - it sounds like "You" - but I realised that after I maked this account that I cant change my name, deleting procedure takes 1 day and so... I decided to say as Yu.

    What I can tell about myself? If you noticed - my english is not perfect. I make tons of mistakes, my literacy can make you bleed from your eyes and stuff. Reason is obvious - english is not my first language.
    I am refugee from Polish fiction. After 8 years of writing on Polish sites, I noticed that it's harder and harder to find someone interesting to write some RP - veterans are leaving with much faster rate than "new blood" is coming - and quality of that new blood is horrible at best - their mindsent and stuborness in refusing to learn new things is just makes me speechles.
    It took me a while to notice that staying in my "home" fiction is not a way to go. With sadness, I decided to embark on my little "exodus" in looking for new, better place where I can start anew.

    And you guessed... this is place where I decided to "land". After bouncing off from other sites, that have most fascist rules that I've ever seen - you can't write this and that, literacy is must-have - Iwaku seems a perfect place for me.

    Actualy I am 20 years old, minus 8 years of experience in writing... yea, It gives me 12 years when I started to write anything. It starter with two-senteced "roleplays" that was basically a small talk about nothing. Then My skills started to develop, more and more text appeared in my roleplays - reaching even 12k marks per message - if person was good and I wanted to give her the best piece of RP that I could ever write. With time, I discovered my passion for romance genre, little later joined with Erotic one. I love these two so much that It makes me basically incapable of writing anything different that mentioned two genres. Sometimes I can try to make expection... but no promises.

    So... what's are my goals? There are two. First one - to keep writing stuff that I like to write - and entertain myself and my caller with romance/erotic RP, that hopefully can make them skip a heart beat. Second is to learn english by doing something, that's fun for me.
    About my character? It's Narukami Yu, basing on same character from "Persona 4" game. It shares appearance and some personality traits, but it's different from progenitor. So... let's call it OC with some simmilarities to oryginal.

    Well... it's look like all what I wanted so say. If you have any questions - ask, I will gladly answer for them.
  2. Welcome! I hope you have a lot of fun here! :)
  3. Yea, it's gonna take a while before I accomodate to this forum... but thanks! <3
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, @Yu Narukami! First, you totes have the option to change your name! Click here to do so! Second, not even native English speakers have perfect English. You're doing well, just keep practicing your English writing! Third, there are individual sections for both romance and erotic role-plays! Check them out if you haven't! Hope you have a wonderful stay here at Iwaku! 8D
Thread Status:
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