Hi, what's up? X3

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Hi, I'm pretty new to Iwaku and I was hoping to start my RP life here with something simple: A one on one romance RP. I wanted to start with either high school or college in which the two characters either know each other or are starting to know one another. The setting would be up to whoever feels like cooperating with me and I don't mind if it leans more towards fantasy or scifi rather than real life. So please, if anyone's interested, send me a ring X3
I'd be interested in roleplaying with you.
Alright, what kind of setting would want to do then? =3
I do modern or fantasy, but lately been leaning more towards modern for some reason. And between high school or college I don't care. But ultimately, it's up to you. I am a pawn for you to play with however you please. ^^
Awesome X3 But as previiously mentioned, I'm new here, so would we start here or post it somewhere else?
It would get posted under the OneXOne Section. Would you like to start so you get a feel for it?
Yeah, I'll go ahead and post there.
Alright, it's under True blush whenever you're ready to post.