Hi, What are you doing?

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  1. Like, right now. What are you doing besides typing your reply. Or reading this message.
  2. I'm in bed, listening to Classical Music.
  3. Someone.

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  4. Darn it. I was about to post some smart-assery.

    I'm in bed, playing Armored Core V-day.
  5. Watching Kuroshitsuji!
  6. All valid things I could be doing. How lame.
  7. Drawing.
    Eating popcorn.
    Listening to music.
  8. I just finished writing the draft for the community review we give to staffers every month. =____=

    Now I am considering going back to bed!
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  9. I took a hit of bud, I'm going to kill people on Bioshock Infinite, and later I will eat delicious'a spaghetti!
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  10. Getting ready for bed.
  11. Just finished doing CV duties, now I'm trying to decide whether if I want to go watch stuff on Youtube, play a game, or maybe take a nap. Probably gonna go play a game.
  12. Watching my wife make ice packs for me to box. Playing Muramasa Rebirth: Genroku Legends: White Serpent and Wild Child. Worrying/compartmentalizating my emotions about the future of my parents relationship.

    As typing this my father came in and handed me a bud that smells like a California dispensary and said happy belated birthday.

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  13. Trying to wake up enough to make coffee and get started on my syllabus @_@
  14. Drinking coffee and thinking about what needs to be done today. Definitely need to go to the store. Yuck.
  15. Desiring grape soda for some strange reason and waiting for the pizza to be delivered. GIMME MY FOOD, PIZZA MAN.
  16. Trying to balance studying for a maths test and watching a K-drama
  17. Sitting on a plane. Waiting to to in.
  18. Eating dinner....and listening to music.
  19. Sitting here, reminding myself over and over again that I need to go make dinner, but get distract by everything Dx
  20. Watchin' some sweet ass anime.
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