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  1. New to the forum, just got recommended by my girlfriend who joined recently as well. This site seems promising, so I'm looking forward to seeing what it has to offer!
  2. I hope your girlfriend has received a warmer welcome... On behalf of the snobs(:P) who've ignored you these past three hours, I'd like to welcome you to Iwaku. Please make yourself at home, Spot. Hope to see you around!

    *disappears down the dark halls of Iwaku*
  3. Sup! Welcome to the site. Get stuck in and enjoy it. :)
  4. *Telekinetically pats Starks' head*

    That's more like it. Nice to see people do care about the newbs :P Hope your day is great, Stark. Come join in the Cbox chat fun sometime ^_^
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  5. Hi there and welcome to the siiiite! :D
  6. Thanks guys! I've already gotten into a roleplay and got messaged about a neat new roleplay prospect as well; anyone who has interest in recruiting someone to their roleplays can feel free to message me. I'm always open to trying new things!

    And as far as a warm welcome goes, this is a warmer welcome than I've received on most roleplay sites I've done! I've been roleplaying since I was a kid. The last roleplay site I joined gave me a warning rather than a welcome when I joined and told me that they hope I'm not put off by elitists and nasty attitudes.


    Which I'm not.

    Glad to be warmly received though, this place looks like a nice new home for a writer to dabble in.
  7. I will send you a link to my next sign up and rp when I create it, if you are interested. I want it to be, in some sorts, my story that I never finished, using characters and the like from it. That's not to say people can't create their own, just some characters that could be used to, ya know, rp as. Also, it will be an assassin rp.

    Hmm, my welcome wasn't half bad either. Diana, Sladelius, and another 1 or 2 people welcomed me to Iwaku with open arms, Elle was the first to make me feel the most at home in the chat boxes, and a few people were the first I ever roleplayed with. If I ever happen to leave this site for any reason, I want them to know they were the most awesome I've met.

    Oh, and Fox. He has awesome livestreams on what I'm assuming is a regular basis. ^_^
  8. Welcome to Iwaku! =D

    I hope you enjoy your time here!

    Everyone is pretty friendly, so if you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask!

    (coffee rose! I couldn't resist.)