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  1. i'm Ashe-- i'm a 15 year old female and i'm new to this site but have roleplayed before! although, it's been a long time and my skills are probably kinda rusty; i spent a good 20 minutes staring at the home page before signing up
    my personality type is infp and my favourite food is sushi, i like socialising though im not good at it (kinda like singing) bc i have this weird passion for psychology and really enjoy knowing people sobemyfriend

    don't worry about me being ignorant to punctuation and grammar, i type like this because i'm accustomed to it by social networks; my characters will probably mostly be female and i mostly enjoy roleplays that revolve around romance or character relationships (like most pubescent females do) and have intense side aspects like horror and tragedy

    i didn't mean to make it so long uvu but thank you for reading, i look forward to roleplaying w y'all!!
  2. that was quick, hello! how are we? nvn
  3. i'm alright you?
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Ashe!
  5. Welcome Ashe~ I hope that you will have a good time here! ^_^
  6. aw thanks!!

    thank you!

    also fine, kind of worried that im feeling fine bc its 5am..
  7. Hi there Ashe, welcome to the community! :D
  8. hi Diana! thank you!