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Hi there

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by mooreeffocScofflaw, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Man, I probably should've thought about what I was gonna put here. Hey, I'm new and predictably have little/no idea what I'm doing. My current plan is to ask for advice and float in the noob ether for a while, so yeah, any suggestions?
  2. O.o

    Herro :s
  3. I would press aaaaalll the buttons and see what they do! 8D Welcome to the community, creepy creeeeepy avatar face man. O_O
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  4. First off, Do what Diana said, she is our holy goddess of Definitely not cat people.

    Secondly, Tell me how to pronounce your name, because I am trying reeeeally hard :( (You Avatar has beautiful eyes, so... mesmeri- OH GAWD MY SOUL)

    EDIT: ALSO welcome to IWaku, Everyone here is pretty friendly :P
  5. Consider those buttons pushed, and the avatar is Lil Cal :frogface:
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  6. Thanks for the welcome, and I pronounce it more-eff-ic scoff-law.
  7. Okay, thx guy :)
  8. That fair cat-maiden... She's making a mistake!
    Don't press ALL of the buttons or else it'll look something like-
  9. And welcome to Iwaku, I'll pronounce your name as creepyavatarperson.
  10. Thanks for the welcome/warning epicavatarperson.