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  1. well guess I should start by saying hello. I recantly just joined yesterday seeing as how my ex introduced me to the site. I love to rp mostly and would love to rp with many people of the community. Hope to see you all there (will edit l8r)
  2. Hi welcome to the Iwaku Roleplaying world Ruza, Hi I'm Eageni and I love having new people around and I will love to become great friends Ruza. Lets just all have fun and enjoy all the roleplays we can handle, well I'm still brand new here so I decided to figure out all the rps here on Iwaku.
  3. thanks for the welcome :3
  4. Hey there and welcome to Iwaku~ :D
  5. Hello Ruza, It's wonderful to meet you, Welcome to the site. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. I hope that you come to enjoy Iwaku as much as we do <333
  6. Hi there Ruza! We're glad to have you in Iwaku! :D