Hi there! ^^

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  1. Hello! I'm Lizzy, and I'm new to this site.

    I've had some experience roleplaying and since it's a new favorite hobby of mine a good friend showed this site to me. I hope I can make some good friends here and have a great time roleplaying with everyone. ^^
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Lizzy!

    I'm glad that you're looking for friends as well as roleplay partners because this site is not just a roleplaying forum. It's a community. The best way to make friends around here is to join a Group or jump into the Chatbox and say hello.

    Hope to see you around and of course have fun roleplaying. ;)
  3. Greetings Lizzy and welcome to Iwaku! ^_^ I hope you'll enjoy your stay here and make valuable friends :)
  4. Hi there Miss Lizzy~ Welcome to our community! :D