Hi there!

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  1. Hello, everyone. Imagineer here saying sup to all of the awesome people of Iwaku. I hope to write stories with everybody and create something... well, imaginative and wonderful.

    I've been rp-ing for quite a few years now and I can't help feeling like there is still even more room for me to grow. I think Iwaku will be a great place to do so as well as be a nice place to make new friends.
  2. Of course, there's always room to grow and here in Iwaku, lots of people to grow with! Welcome aboard!
  3. Welcome!~ I'm Mittens! :D In Iwaku, there are tons of people you can RP with that can further your experience and challenge you in great ways while RPing! ^^ If you ever need a question answered, feel free to send me a PM and I'll be glad to help! ^^
  4. You can grow with me anytime.

    Kidding! (mostly)
    Don't be afraid to hit me up if you wanna chat or plot, though. ^^