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  1. I'm Ryleigh. I'm new to these forum but not roleplaying. I tend to do 1x1's and I'm pretty friendly so hit me up any time. I'm always up for a chat.
  2. Welcome, Ryleigh B! Hope you find yourself at home in our forums, although you may have to watch out for the evil dust bunnies that we swept under our rug. They like to try to bite your toes.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Ryleigh! Considering the fact that this is your first time, I'll be giving you a couple of links that can really help you get started out there in the field of Iwaku. Iwaku does offer a variety of ways to RP you can join in on some Chatbox RPs if you liked them fast paced, or you can go down to the forums where eventually you'll come across the OnexOne forums!




    The first will give shed some light on some basic things that will really help out, the second helping you learn the usual procedure of joining different types or RPs and the last a simply question and answer list! I'm also around the OnexOne area so I might just hit you up, and you can me if you have any questions or just need a buddy to help you look around, hehe. :3

    Happy Plotting~
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm LogicfromLogic
  5. [MENTION=4992]FishWolf[/MENTION]: Haha I'll be sure to keep my toes protected.

    [MENTION=3536]Rufiya[/MENTION]: Thanks. I've actually read them already X3 I like getting to know the lay of the land before I present myself to its people. And I'll be sure to look out for you ^^

    [MENTION=5309]LogicfromLogic[/MENTION]: Nice to meet you. c:
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  6. *hands Ryleigh a plotbunny* Have fun!