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  1. Hello everyone! I look forward to meeting all of you! Of course, I should introduce myself first, shouldn’t I? I am SugarStar. Please feel to call me a shortened version if you like. I'm 21 years old and currently a junior in college. I'm majoring in art education with an english literature minor. I tend to favor fantasy role-plays. Its a pleasure to meet everyone!
  2. Hello SugarStar! I am loving you already, =D. I am majoring in art as well (Graphic design) however I've decided that I want to pursue Criminology (I know, what a change lol) so yay for schooling! So welcome to Iwaku, a place filled with...apparently Roleplay bunnies. I don't know how they do it for bunnies are evil. <_____< >_____> You should totally check out our Creative Challenges forum! A place to kill time and improve your skill or well, test yourself. Don't be afraid to ask questions, I'm sure people will be more then willing to help you and happy bunny hunt--I mean, roleplaying. /cough.
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    Honestly, I don't feel like criminology is that big of a change. However, I might be biased. If being an art teacher fall through, I plan to become a sketch artist for the police (I totally don't secretly dream of being a detective too...but I had to pick one...for now). Kinda in the same realm, right? lol. And thanks for the tip! I'm sure I'll see you around ^.^
  4. Omgee, teaching art! That sounds fantasic!

    I've taught special needs children for about four years (I'm a subsitute) and it's awesome, sometimes. >_> You're like my twin in an alternate reality, omgee. xD
  5. I decree, that we will make fabulous friends :3
  6. I approve of this decree!
  7. When making a professional cv for writing be sure to include online Rping. Its allowed.

    and greetings miss Star.