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    Why hello there. My name's Bela. I come here in seeking asylum from the insanity that is my former "rp" site. I got into a slump there and spent more time on the Spam section with my friends than roleplaying. I decided to take a break from there, and join somewhere new in hopes that inspiration and productivity would come to me on a new site. I should warn you that I am a bit insane. Not in the "oh guuurl you crazy" kind but the "that bitch is crazy" way. I apologize in advance to anyone I might offend in the future. I'm normally very nice, but I tend to attack viciously when provoked. Not because I'm mad, but because well I enjoy it and I tend to not think before I do.
  2. Don't worry, everyone here is insane ^^
    Welcome to iwaku :)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy your stay. If roleplaying is what you are here to get back into doing then you will have no problem finding something you're interested in.
  4. Welcome guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl. Sound's like you are plenty experienced, if you have any questions I'd be happy to help.
  5. You're insane, are you? Let me tell you a secret. All the best people are.

    Baha, no, but seriously, welcome! You'll find no shortage of minds to engage here. I myself am fairly new and everyone I've come across on this site has greatly intrigued me. If you're looking to dive head first in to the community, there is the cbox which is usually full of chatty types, or you can head over to the Global Signups and browse around for something that might interest you. You should also consider filling out your roleplayer's resume in your profile. I have been playing and writing for years upon years, but that small form really helped me narrow down some ideas. I constantly am thinking back to my resume with things to update. Thinking on it now, I should really go do that. Thanks, Bela, you've helped me remember something!
  6. Hello Bela ^^
    Welcome to the world of Iwaku xP
    My name is Krystal and I'm one of the people that practically lives here everyday xD
    So if you ever want to RP one x one, I'm your girl... or guy if you want me to be lol
    If you have any questions about the site, don't be scared to ask someone. We're really nice, I promise x3
  7. Why hello there!..That's my line D:

    Hello, Bella!
  8. Lol. Thank you everyone who's welcomed me, and a special thanks to those who are very helpful. I was wondering, if I may ask, when will I stop being a "new registered" and become a "new member" or "member" is it dependent on my post count or a number of days or something else?
  9. Hey Bela!
    As you can tell people here are really welcoming and nice. ^^
    And I hope you enjoy what you're looking for here. :D
    Hit me up if you just want to randomly talk or start an RP. :]
  10. Hello there! 8D

    There should be a little message right there under the title image that explains what group you're in and what it takes for it to go away. >:]

    ...if it's not there, I did something horribly, horribly wrong. ._____.;
  11. O.O all I see is: NEW REGISTRATION, and then I see the status thingy, and then my avatar.
  12. *making a voodoo doll with a smirk and glare*.........

    *looks at the new member, straightens my face and hides the doll*

    Hello! Welcome to Iwaku!

    Its pretty cool to have you here.....enjoy your stay.... *finishes making the new members voodoo doll* Heh. Heh. Insanity...>:]