HI There !!!

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  1. Hello all,

    So hi, I am new on this site, not totally new to roleplaying though hehe ;) I would love to make new friends, exchange ideas, possibly even roleplay and improve my grammar skills and writing skills ;)

    In the end, I manged to find my way here hehe took me some time to get used to the site.

    Ok, I'll leave it to here for now,


    ASteala ;)
  2. Well hello there Steala! Welcome to the Community madam!
    I'm Doxa :3 Please to meet you!
    If you need any help, let us know!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm October nice to meet you.

    I'm sure you'll meet lots of new, awesome RP partners here. Let us know if you need anything.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! There are three names I could possible call you -nods-
    Steala, D, or Ambrosia.. all the choices. Ambrosia reminds me of the band Alesana!
    So that is cool!
  5. Thanks all for your welcome's I trully appreciate them since I was nervous that my post was really dull *winks* ;)
  6. Lady Nymph,

    He he, I like all the choices *blushes and smiles*...never heard of the band though need to check into that I am quite curious about new music bands ;)

    C you around I hope ;)

    ASteala ;)
  7. Thanks for the welcome and am glad to meet you too ;)
  8. Hey there, thanks for the welcome, pleased to meet you too myself ;) hope to see you around eventually ;)
  9. Ahoy ASteala!
    Welcome to Iwaku!

    This is a great place to do all of what yer looking fer. Especially, roleplaying

    Ye can always peer into this
    group to help with your writing skills.
    And making friends is easy when you step aboard the
    Cbox, where everyone chats...Sometimes about the most strangest of things, but still!

    If ye be having any other questions..Don't hesitate to ask!
  10. Saut, Juku Pirates of the Depth, and thanks for your welcome note ;)

    Yeah, from some of the browsing I have done, I already like the site lots hehe and I am worried I will become an addict.

    Hope to see you around soonnnn ;)
  11. Hello ASteala, welcome! As you can see many of us have fantasy-inspired titles for Fantasy Month this month! Lady Nymph is usually just Celestialis, and Juku is usually just Juku, and I'm usually just Elyd. Hope it's not confusing. Become an addict! It's a good addiction. :D