Hi there!

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  1. Hello! I'm new. My name is Veronica and I am 18. I am from Norway : ) I really don't know what more to say. I like to read, write.. I love to role play. Any thing else you wanna know, ask. : )
  2. Hey Veronica welcome to Iwaku, have fun playing roles and such.
  3. Welcome to the Community Verony! I am Doxa and if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask, you will surely have an answer back!

    Have fun!
  4. Vero Vero! Welcome to Iwaku- guess what!
    I also love to read and roleplay!

    Have a cookie.

    Christmas leftovers.
    But still yum.
    Have fun and see you around!
  5. Why hello there Veronica!
    RP'ing is how I met some cool people ^^

    Enjoy your time here!
  6. Sweet! Another person from Norway! 8D That's pretty cool. Welcome to the site!