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  1. So, I'm Michelle the Editor, and I was brought here because a guy who used to RP with me on Fanfiction.net mentioned the site and I thought it looked cool. I'm 21 years old and female, and I've been RP'ing since about early 2013. I usually go for group roleplays because they tend to be harder to kill.
  2. Hello! So, you mentioned recommendations for games--anywhere I should start lurking?
  3. Oh my god, Michelle. You probably don't remember me but I'm from Fantasy RPG, someone who kept changing her name. Nice to see you give this site a try. Welcome to Iwaku~ :P
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  4. Really? Awesome--I've really missed everyone from that forum.
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  5. Same, but I took the chance to move on. I hope you find some awesome group roleplays that peak your interest. May we meet again~
  6. Psst.


    Also welcome.
  7. Joker!

    And thank you.
  8. Wow! You must be very well known in the roleplay community! ^_^

    Anyways, welcome to Iwaku where you can exercise your creative muscles!

  9. I don't think I'm exactly well-known; until now the only places I've RP'ed are Rangerboard, Fanfiction and FictionPress.
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  10. Interesting, but why are you pointing me towards games where people get eliminated?
  11. I know the idea sounds suspicious but the story behind the Murder Series is interesting I can have a GM pm you any answers you need.
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  12. Thanks, but I think I want to keep lurking for a while, figure out what I'm in the mood for and so on.
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  13. Welcome to the site~

    Hope to RP with you soon.
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