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  1. Hello! Nice to meet you all ^^
    I'm a 14 y/o girl from Spain. You can call me Cookie, Fairy, Akira, or anything you want. I'm new to this website (as you can see x3) and I'm still learning how to use it.

    Well, I've been roleplaying since February 2013 (I think), and since then I've never stopped lol I'm kinda addict.
    Sadly, English is not my first language (it's spanish), so I'm still learning it and I always try my best to write things with sense ;//u//; I consider myself pretty decent when I'm roleplaying in Spanish, but English is so difficuuuult (?)
    So don't expect a perfect grammar please ^3^

    Now I write about myself, if anyone is interested or something:
    A manga: Kuroshitsuji
    An anime: Idk, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Durarara!!, but I love many.
    A book: The Kingkiller Chronicles series.
    A TV show: The Big Bang Theory, Adventure Time, now obsessed with The Walking Dead.
    A movie: Fight Club, Howl's Moving Castle, My neighbour Totoro, Interview with the vampire...
    A music group: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, 2NE1, The GazettE.
    A color: (just one?) Grey, blue, pink, black, red x3
    A season: Summer.
    A drink: Green and red tea.
    A food: Soup, pasta, pizza.
    What I like the most: Sleeping, drawing, going out with friends and dancing with my group. Animals, nature, peace and love. Respect, liberty of expression.
    What I hate the most: Discrimination, racism, homophobia... Stupid people who can't understand that we're all humans. The "theyre all chinese n they all look the same cuz theyre yellow u girl why do u like chinese people xdd" quote. It bothers me alot.
    My dream: To become a famous mangaka and move to Japan. Or just to live happily all my life.
    Idols: John Lennon, Hayao Miyazaki, L (does he count?)

    I think I didn't miss anything. You can ask me whatever you want, so feel free to talk to me!
    I'm looking for someone to do a 1x1 rp, with a romantic (yaoi if possible) plot and things like that. I've filled my rp preferences so you can read it and get to know me better.
    If you want to rp with me I would be really really pleased cause asdf ^3^
    I have a Kakao Talk account to rp, my id is kawaiipanda.

    A huge kiss, nice to meet you, and I hope we'll become good friends! Thank you so much :lovestruck:
  2. Hola! Welcome to Iwaku, Akira! I hope you have a lot of fun here!
  3. Hola! Thank you so much, I'll sure have lots of fun ^^
  4. You like Ghibli, I like Ghibli.

    We are now friends.


  5. Amazing picture omg
    Yeeeeah, Ghibli is life ^^
  6. GHIIIIIIIIIIIBLIIIIIIII! <3 I like you very much right now. Welcome to the site! :D
  7. I like you too omg ^^ STAR WAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS OMG OMG ITACHI-SAAAAAAN OMG OMGGGG -fangirls so hard-
    Oh thank you!
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