Hi there, I'm Illenia and I'm new...be gentle.

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  1. Hey, my name's Illenia, I'm new here, but I'm a long time role player been doing it for years. I'm almost 23, my birthdays actually Tuesday of next week so yay me. I'm a pretty big nerd, I love anime, manga, I love to read novels of the romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and urban fantasy varitiy. My grammar isn't perfect I know, but I honestly do try. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell...well actually me in a nutsheel would be freaking out because I don't like confined spaces, but yeah.
  2. Yay first post here is mine. Welcome to Iwaku I hope you find this a second home like I have. Please PM me if you have any questions.
  3. Hi and welcome to Iwaku! :D Take a few moments to fill out your roleplay resume, it's handy to let people know what you like best in your roleplays. >:3

    Also, I found out I hate tight places when in an airplane. D: That was a scary place to learn the hard way.
  4. Thank you both, I've been already filling out the Player Resume, it's a good way to get out your info. And Sparkle Slayer that is an aweful way to find out to don't like tight places.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Illenia. I'm October Knight, global mod at your service! *Bows deeply*

    However, this month I am 'dressed' as The Pumpkin Lord for the month of October. It can get a little confusing sometimes because lots of the members change their names to celebrate Halloween. Anyway...Have fun checking out all the cool stuff we have to offer and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
  6. Thank you Mr. October Knight, if I find myself with questions I'll be sure to ask.
  7. I'm Varius~

    Welcome x3 If you ever need someone to RP with I'm free to do so. Hope you enjoy it here, I know I have.
  8. Hey! How's it going. I'm kinda new here too!

    If you wanna do an anime rp together, lemmie know. :)
  9. Welcome! Remember, don't feed the Vays. They are very grumpy.
  10. I'd love too Neko-Chan, though I'm kinda stuck on a certian anime couple right now.
  11. *Wakes up then suddenly realizes his lacks of duties as Unofficial President of the Unofficial Newbie Welcoming Committee*


    Feel free to send me a pm if you want a roleplay partner or just a pal to make Iwaku less big and scary. :3​
  12. Thanks Scott Pilgrim! Love that movie and the graphic novels. =D
  13. No problem :) It's always awesome to meet another fan of Scott Pilgrim! Well not me of course but the actual comics and whatnot. Yay for another person to fanboy/fangirl over Scott Pilgrim with! :D
  14. Yay, Indeed!