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  1. Hi There! I'm Newton, Real name Xavier, and I'm just want to say It's nice to meet you all, and i'm glad to join the site! I've been roleplaying for a year, so i'm just getting started. And Also, I have a OC, who's curious about his belly-button for some reason, so If you want me to roleplay with you, I'm happy to be a service :) Thank you!
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  3. Hi Newton! This is a bit late welcome, but... Welcome!

    The site is great and perfect for beginners, and is pretty easy to get used to.

    Also, if you want, I'm always open for RPs.
  4. Thanks! So what kind of roleplays do you do?
  5. Depends. Can be more laidback or slightly more detailed. Always has some kind of fantasy.
  6. Ah, okay :) So, I was wondering if you would like to roleplay with me?
  7. Sure!
  8. Yay! Well, I have a Human OC who has a belly-button that's very curious to him...
  9. And he's very nice and smart,and his name is Newton.
  10. I'd like a nice one on one rp with you @Newton876
  11. Actually, I'm kinda full now, sorry...
  12. Really? With my OC?
  13. That's okay :)
  14. You can make a new one. I might even draw them if you want.
  15. Well, I want to use my OC, he's nice, smart, and he's curious about his belly-button.
  16. Ok. We might need some character development. It will be nice to see him grow to be more than that. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.