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  1. Hello @Sole I am Diana. 8D Lets show people how to thread right and stay on topic!


    How are yoooou doin'? I just got my net back again cause apparently a DOG chewed our internet cable. O__O I am pretty sad I didn't even get to enjoy your thread for me. I'm a site refugee to Iwaku too which is pretty cool.

    Do you like COFFEE, because I am about to get me some right now. 8D
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  2. Always warms the heart when you act like a mama bird.

  3. Hi @Diana, how've you been?

    Also, hi @Sole, are you still senpai?
  4. Probably genetics. O_O My parents were tall. But then I am only 5'8" so I am not sure if that's TALL or AVERAGE. >>;

    Aside from JUST getting my internet fixed, I have a 650$ bill to get my jeep out of the shop. 8D So I am cruisin' to do some bruisin'!
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  5. How did you become a magical girl, Diana? ;_;
  6. Oh crap I know that feel. I'm so sorry. Cars are a pain.

    Who're you going to bruise?
  7. I am tall by genetics, too! I'm taller than you, though. (5'10")

    Hi @Sole , I demand to know whether you like kittens or puppies better!
  8. @Diana If you had choose between being a Magical Girl or having a pet Owl like from Hogwarts what would you choose?

    @Sole How have things been lately?
  9. ..what is this shit? <_<

    Also, stop getting expensive bills. K?
  10. Like most magical girls, I have a tragic back history and a DREAM TO SPREAD HAPPY SPARKLE THINGS!

    Right now the neighbor's dog is pretty high on that list. >> But I might settle for people on Iwaku!

    I would choose magical girl, cause magics. Owls should be free!

    This is an exercise in respecting threads and staying on topic! 8D
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  11. Would you say that Owls are the avian equivalent of cats?
  12. All you refugees are free to go back to...

    *Signals all Moonwingers and Migrationists towards the exit*

    *Is left with @Grumpy and who else*

    Aw shit....
    Didn't plan this out.
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  13. Now you have me imagining a Native VS Colonial deal via threads. XD
  14. It's cool, Toast. We've still got Rory, too.
  15. You sure? Pretty sure he turned into a facebook virus a few years back.
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  16. "A Scotsman, a Viking and a sentient Facebook virus are alone on a forum.

    Hilarity ensues."
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  17. Someone make this a sit com.
  18. No, I refuse to go back, I'm a naturalized Iwaku citizen now. >:[
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  19. Iwaku >>>>>>>>>> The Guild
  20. I see several bad people who are not staying on topic and asking the wonderful Diana and @Sole questions.
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