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  1. So I have been encouraged by the text towards the top of my page to make a post here, seeing as I just joined. So I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.

    I like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain, and long walks on the bea-Fuck. This is the wrong site for this, isn't it?

    Oh well, I guess I'll take a different route!

    Hi! I'm Rubix and as made apparently by my name...I enjoy Rubik's Cubes. I'm also an avid League of Legends player. (If you want to play with me, add RubixTheCube)

    I haven't roleplayed in quite some time but I was hoping to get into it again. So..yeah :P
  2. And I have never had a gravekeeper as a friend before! I feel like this is the beginning of a magical friendship.

    Iwaku Gaming Guild Group, eh? I'll have to go check that out!

    I already went ahead and looked at that, thanks though. :)
  3. *GASP* RUBIX CUBE welcome to Iwaku and junk I'm ruikio ask if theres anything you want to know.
  4. Rubixy = w= Welcome to the community! Any questions? Just ask! I am Doxa and I command you to have fun! Lol :3
  5. Hello!

    My name is Tetsuri!

    Welcome to Iwaku!

    I hope you enjoy your stay here and make many new friends! ^^
  6. I have never solved a rubix cube. >:[

    But welcome to the community anyway! 8D
  7. @Ruikio

    Alright ^_^ Thanks!


    I will obey! :o Thanks!


    Thank you :D


    I could help you if you wanted :P It is not too difficult. And thank you :D
  8. Welcome to the site, I'm also pretty new myself! :)
    LoL - reminds me of someone. It's a highly addictive game I've witnessed, never tried it myself though. :P My name's Paige, feel free to leave me a message or friend me, I like fantasy role plays, one x one and group. Also like some modern. ^^ Hope you find some fun here, I know I have!
  9. Ohai there. You like Rubik's cubes too! :D I like solving them
    And welcome to the wonderful world of Iwaku :D
  10. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm October, we've already meet in the Cbox : )

    Hope you enjoy the site and find lots of cool games to join.
  11. Thank you everyone for greeting me ^_^
  12. HI!!!!!!!!!!!! You sounds cool. I've only solved one rubix cube in my life. Maybe I can solve you. (hehe, corny joke)
  13. Hey Rubix! I hope I've already made it clear I hate you (but love your plot)! Welcome. ^_^

    I have lots of friends who cube, and I used to know how to solve it, but now I get stuck at this one step where if it happens to be a certain way, I can solve it, but if happens to be another way, I get completely stuck. D:

    Anyways, yaaaay! Welcome. ^_^ I'll take your pina coladas since you clearly don't need them for this site. *sips pina colada*
  14. DAMMIT. I thought you really did like Pina Coladas. I love them too. But no. You had to go and sell me a dream didn't you?

    Harsh...real harsh... :[
  15. And who doesn't like Piña Coladas?

    Welcome to Iwaku, Rubix!
    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you!
    Here, have some cookie token thing.


    Enjoyed best after being caught under the rain or some walk along the beach.