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  1. Hi. . . O.o I was referred by a friend so . . . Ill c yall laterz I guess . . . *Runs*
  2. ...No running, Emtai! D:<
    *pulls him back in here* Meet your new fellow RPers! Whenever they get here. XD

    Anyway, yeah, WELCOME TO THE IWAKU!!!! >D
    *gives cupcake* ^_^
  3. Well hello there, small scared one. >:D We won't eat you. Much.
  4. DIANA!!! DO I GET A PRIZE NOW!? o___o >>; XDDD
    Just kidding.


    Actually... >>;
  5. Cyrus


    I watch helplessly as my friend is dragged away by the villainous skull kid. I place one oven mitt covered hand behind my head as I look to Helen for permission to intervene. Much to my surprise, she glances over to Demi and Pen with a simple smile and then seems to go into such a deep place in her head that her eyes are glazed over. Demi and Penelope have already left by the time that I see little Helen cover her mouth, clearly disgusted by something. She glances to me, her big blue eyes having the ability to pierce my soul. There is one word sketched across her face, help.

    "Helen?" I ask her gently as her chest heaves. I reach towards her shoulder and much to my surprise she swats me away, her shoulders trembling

    "G-give me a moment...please...oh God give me a moment..." She looks like she might be sick. She glances down at the floor, trying to breathe evenly. This doesn't seem to work so well and much to her dismay, I carefully approach her and I don't do what I want to do, which is embrace her. Rather, I use my oven mit to gently guide her face towards mine. With my other hand I gently pry hers away from her mouth, her pink lips smeared and quivering. I realize they had looked like this the majority of the day and my heart hurts for her.

    "Helen...follow me okay. In...out. In...out." Patiently I direct her to calm her inhales. Once she seems to be calm, she sighs shakily and places her free hand over her eyes.

    "S-sorry Cy. I am sorry. I just had mean little thoughts. That's all. I am sorry." She nearly sniffles, causing my throat to clench. What sort of thoughts did this poor girl have to go through? She was so sweet and always had such a bright smile, so I wonder why, or how, this happens to her.

    "Do you want to talk about it Hel?" I ask her gently and she shakes her head.

    "I-I..." She looks up to me without my help this time, panic clouding her vision. There's something I don't think she is telling us and it makes me worry. I just tell myself she is having a lot of trouble coping with what happened today, but something in the back of my head bugs me about it.

    "I get it." I glance over at Nellie and I frown. I think she and I need to get more out of Helen, when we can. "I understand Helen. It's been a rough day. Would you be opposed to a famous Cyrus hug? It has enough positivity and energy to light up an entire tri-state area." I offer her a gentle smile, and once again I am surprised as she nods. Gently I loop my arms around her, squeezing her gently. She hugs me back suddenly, tightly as if she didn't hold on strong enough, I would vanish from her grip. My brow furrows

    I am really worried. "Omph, for such a little person you got a lot of strength on you miss Helen." I tease her and rest my chin on her head as she clings to me. She starts shaking and I am wondering if she is scared. I think she might be really scared. In return, I simply pat her back and say "Hey...it's okay...I got you. No mean thoughts can get to you, I promise. Not through my gorgeous body."

    That gets her to laugh somewhat and slowly but surely her body stops its trembles. She doesn't let go of me. I don't think she's hugged a male in a long time. "Thank you Cy." She whispers to me, her voice nearly broken. "I-I u-used to b-be so s-scared of t-things like t-this. S-so t-t-thank y-you f-for r-restoring m-my f-faith in..." She doesn't finish and she sighs. We don't move for a really long time and I wait until she let's go. I unravel myself from her and offer her a gentle smile

    "Hey. It's no problem. And don't feel scared to hug me again." I shrug nonchalantly. I wonder why being able to hug a boy meant so much to her. But if i could provide her comfort, so be it.
  6. Hi, I'm Kura! <3 Friend of Lovey is a friend of mine! Welcome! ^__^
  7. Hullo there!
    Nice to meet you, I'm sure Lovey has told you all about us but I look forward to you roleplaying with us. My only currently open roleplay is Summer's Dream, and if you'd like to join I can help you there, or with most other roleplays open here. There are a lot of fantastic ones that have just opened up or have started but are still accepting members.

    Hope you have fun!
  8. Welcome Emtai!!! This place is off da hook!
  9. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku

    *walks off into the shadow*
  10. Welcome aboard skiddish creature girl. I'm one of the admins, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.