Hi o.o



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Hi. . . O.o I was referred by a friend so . . . Ill c yall laterz I guess . . . *Runs*
...No running, Emtai! D:<
*pulls him back in here* Meet your new fellow RPers! Whenever they get here. XD

Anyway, yeah, WELCOME TO THE IWAKU!!!! >D
*gives cupcake* ^_^
Well hello there, small scared one. >:D We won't eat you. Much.
Just kidding.


Actually... >>;
Any friend of loveless is a.... not going to eat you unless you're already dead.... person to me!

But I'm a staff member so while you're still alive any questions you may have I'll answer as best as ab-humanly possible! Please fill out our inconveniently placed ROLEPLAYERS RESUME and take a look at our OOCs or help Loveless cook me alive in out Temp CBOX. And remember: you'll be one of us before you know it.
Hi, I'm Kura! <3 Friend of Lovey is a friend of mine! Welcome! ^__^
Hullo there!
Nice to meet you, I'm sure Lovey has told you all about us but I look forward to you roleplaying with us. My only currently open roleplay is Summer's Dream, and if you'd like to join I can help you there, or with most other roleplays open here. There are a lot of fantastic ones that have just opened up or have started but are still accepting members.

Hope you have fun!
Welcome Emtai!!! This place is off da hook!
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku

*walks off into the shadow*
Welcome aboard skiddish creature girl. I'm one of the admins, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.