Hi~! New to this site! Nice meeting you all :3

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  1. Hey people! I'm SilverBlack. You can just call me Silver! *bow*

    I've been roleplaying for a long time even years already, before just on Drrrchat.com for a random RP, then later on rpnation.com with the same name(SilverBlack). If you roleplay there as well feel free to PM me or something. I love roleplaying and is always willing to RP with anybody! >w<

    I'm still pretty confused with how you join and roleplay on this site. So I decide to say hi to you people here first :) Nice to meet you all. Of course it'll be nice if you guys explain it to me or welcome me to a RP, since I'm still like a new student entering a school....QwQ WEEEE BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO ROLEPLAY WITH YOU PEOPLE <3

    I do any types of roleplay, from realistic RP to action, to romance to fantasy, horror to scientific etc etc, basically all types of genre :DD Oh I also do shoujo manga types of rp :D and shounen, yaoi, yuri, shounen ai shoujo ai well I roleplay anything =w=+

    I roleplay both guy and girl too. :3 Like to participate in group RPs, but also do random RPs and 1x1 RP.

    Love anime and manga, so also do anime RP. From Kuroko no Basket to Shingeki no Kyojin anything! XD

    I like roleplays with a background setting/story, or characters with a good background story and setting, or roleplay that can develop into a great story itself. I like intense storyline, but I roleplay light stories a lot too. Many times I just randomly jump into a RP cause I'm in the mood lol =w=++

    Personally I like fantasy RP and romance RP the best. And then it's mafia Rp (action) or something lol. I like mixing romance into all types of roleplay I'm doing but not all the time. Depends on who I'm roleplaying with of course. :3

    Ah. There's more but this will be endless.(I talk too much, even in real life omg) Imma just end it for now. Nice meeting you people again :D Hopefully I will get used and learn how to roleplay on this website and hopefully will get the chance to RP with every wonderful people on this site!!!!

    Again I'm SilverBlack hello and bye now :3 *wave hand goodbye*

    ps. Am an otaku---Silver just stop talking already //slap
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  2. Hello there, Bahiyya the Insane, Yet Orderly Writer here! However, you can call me Bahiyya.
    ......Or Chiharu.

    .......Or Phaegan.

    I have various nicknames! But anyway, I wanted to welcome you to IwakuRoleplay. I hope you enjoy your time here, and by the looks of your preferences, you have many promising RP choices here.

    Again: Welcome, welcome, WELCOME! :D
  3. Hallo Silver! :D Welcome to the community!
  4. If you're still confused I'm happy to try and explain, you'll see on the forum page as you scroll down Icons with different genre each contain roleplays of that genre or you can go to Global signup which will give you all of them. Sign up sections are where you can browse open roleplays, you can join them or even make your own. Jump in roleplays is the only exception which as the name applies you can just jump in no need for sign up!

    Anyway welcome to the site ^-^
  5. Thanks :D for the sign up part tho do we just sign up and roleplay below or like rp on another page? o3o
  6. Welcome to the site, Silver :)
  7. Waaa thank you!:D I still don't know how to create your own RP though >3< And like the sign-up sheet. But I figured out the rest :) Anybody care to explain to me? :D Thank you :DDD
  8. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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