Hi, Name Is Camille

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  1. Hi my name is Camille and I'm new to this site. I've did Roleplaying alot on a different site, but I'm hoping to Roleplay with you guys soon!
  2. Hey Camille \(^^)/
    welcome to iwaku :D
  3. Well hello there! :D Go on and get started playing somewhere! Even kidnap some friends from your other site. >:3 We'll kidna-.. I mean.. host you all!
  4. See this cookie? >>:cookie: It is for you. Take it. =) Welcome to Iwaku! ​
  5. GIR.
    Welcome, GirFace.
  6. Welcome, Camille, (or Gir, as Staci just decided to name you) Welcome to Iwaku! I'm pretty sure you'll love the site. Enjoy your time here....!
  7. Welcome the site, Camille. I'm October nice to meet you. Iwaku will fulfill all your rp needs! If you need anything feel free to ask.
  8. Hi there, Camille, and welcome to Iwaku.
    I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's good to meet you.
    We're one of the best sites to roleplay on, if I do say so myself, and I hope that you'll come to agree!

    If you need any help with anything, please feel free to ask!
  9. Nice to meet you all!
  10. Hello, Camille! (Aka Gir?)
    What kind of roleplays are you looking to get yourself involved in? I'm curious about your interests. Maybe we can play together some time. =)