Hi, I'm sort Of new

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Hello all. I'm Dusk. I'm a British Uni student trying to bring about the robot apocalypse.

I was actually a member or this site briefly a very long time a go, however real life caught up. I've kept meaning to come back, but never managed to. I've recently once again started role playing, but the majority of my old sites are now dead, so I thought I'd retry it here, as I rather likes the way it was set up.

I've been on an off role playing for 6-7 years, in various styles, however I tend to prefer group threads, though I do also use one on one role playing to help build worlds. I tend to like focusing on adventure and the story, and non-romantic relationships among characters. Romance can, and does happen, but I never like forcing it.

I'm mainly a fantasy/modern fantasy kind of person, however I do also enjoy dystopias and some science fiction. Werewolves, zombies and dragons are always sure to grab my interest.

I also enjoy normal writing and table top roleplaying, and often in my own RPs put a lot of focus on the world building.

Nice to meet you, hopefully I'll be able to stick around for longer this time.


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Both but generally i lean toward aggressive
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Depends on my mood, no fan fics
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