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  1. Hi, my name is Sara and I joined Iwaku a few months back, but never really did anything. I was too caught up in a roleplaying site my friends were on and so I left for a long time. I came back after finding the site to have a severely annoying clique of people who were friendly with the admins. It was pretty bad, but that is why I came back, that and the site was severely messing my writing up since I used to be able to do paragraphs and now I can only do a sentence or two. All the advanced roleplayers left the site too and so I was left with pretty much only people who did one liners and so I packed my bags and came over here to make this my new roleplaying home. Anyways, here's some of the stuff about me:

    Username meaning: It's native american for White Wolf, I randomly found it when searching for a new username awhile back and I absolutely love it.

    Talent: Drawing

    Dream job: Animator for disney or pixar

    Homestuck character that fits me: Karkat, but you can already tell I bet.

    Fandoms I'm in(brace yourselves, the fandoms are coming):
    Game of thrones
    Anime(Except for SAO, don't ask me about SAO)
    Stiles Stilinski(Yes, from teen wolf)
    Doctor Who
    Team four star
    Bleedman(artist of PPG doushinji and Grim tales from down below)
    Fan cover(I love them *-*)
    Teen Wolf

    There's probably a lot more, but I don't remember.

    Funny tidbits:
    Won two games of anime trivia in anime club(2/3 because our anime club president was cheating and giving her friends hetalia trivia they obviously knew) and let me tell you, those guys really wanted to bring me down. They even told each other to beat me, which didn't happen.

    If an rp is based on an anime with an abridged series/has characters from an anime with an abridged series, I usually quote the abridged series. Especially if it's hellsing. XD
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  2. Hiya *Gives Flowers* Well Welcome back! I am Domeki
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  3. Whispers in the dark.. Fu fu ~

    Welcome back to the Madness. Enjoy your stay and be part of many interesting stories ^^
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  4. Hey, welcome back to Iwaku! Hope ya have a good time~ *smiles and waves*
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  5. Hi!

    Glad to see another Bleedman fan
  6. Greetingd Esarosa! Welcome to the community! :D
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