Hi, I'm new :)

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  1. *pulls Duchess over*

    *clears throat* so, hey everyone, this is my friend Angel_Dove, she is new....and lols doesnt really know how to introduce herself hahahahahha..so, here I am helping her. Yay for being in the same room.

    So...fellow Iwakuians...lets help her out and show her all the coolness here ^_^
  2. Duchess?
    Is that you?

    Hey! Tell your AngelDove friend to come over!
    I need to give your friend a warm welcome...!
    I gots cookies for her!.... or him?


    Heeeeeeeeere Angie Angie Angie-Dovey......!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Angle_Dove!

    I'm October nice to meet you. You don't gotta be shy round here! Just by joining you are a cool cat in my book! Yup yup yup. So anyway, let us know if you need anything, although I am sure you would just ask Duchess...so yeah.
  5. Angel~Dove! Taaaalk toooo uuuuus! We will like you, promise! :D And thank Duchess for introducing you to us!
  6. LOL LOL lOl lol LOL wow...and lols yes that was me...i asked her what she would do if she had to introduce herself, and she told me she would make someone else introduce her so....i kinda helped lols
  7. Maaannn! I want to recruit some RL friend to Iwaku!
    Silly friends just don't understand!
    Anywho! Welcome ^.^
  8. Welcome to the every growing world we live in, bask in the awesomeness that we unsure with our powers of lights, cameras-better get them off of me- and action! Plenty of fun here.
  9. Well thank you for the cookies lol :)
    I'm sure this will be fun Dutchess has told me just how fun it can be...:)
    I'll probably end up asking everyone for help. and sorry it took so long to reply
    So any rp suggestions? otherwise might take me a little while to pick one I havent
    done to much of this before but really look forward to learning how:)
  10. Duchess is puppeting a newbie... I feel this may be dangerous.
    Anyway, welcome to the site! We're friendly and we only bite when asked, honest.
    I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
    Hopefully Miss Duchess has been helping you find your way around but if you ever need any help, please do ask!