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  1. Hello I'm NoClue

    I decided on my username being NoClue because It's short, easily remembered and because I am quite bad at thinking up usernames.

    My profile pick is a 4th Dimensional Hypercube.
    There is really no reason for it to be a 4th dimensional hypercube but there isn't any reason it shouldn't be either!

    I'm a guy whose main interests at the moment include: RPing, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Pen & Paper RPG's (like D&D, Tenra Bansho Zero and Rogue Trader), Biology and surviving university. (most of my time is taken up by uni, also I've never really played any Pen & Paper RPG's because I've never managed to form a group that lasted long enough to actually play the game and also because of the lack of games running in the area, I'm still trying to find a group or players and I won't give up until I do!)

    My music tastes vary a fair bit and change frequently however I'm a fan of orchestrated versions of songs and songs that parody others by switching the genre of music.

    I've had prior experience with freeform RP but I was a fair bit younger and the game started to take a turn to the worse because of rampant god moding. I can't help but look back at that game and feel mortified at what it became and how poorly I had played, however I have matured a lot since then and have become more aware of the mistakes I have made, hopefully this site will be the fresh start I need to get back into the hobby.

    I'm hoping to have a fair bit of fun here and make some friends.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, NoClue. I expect you'll find something that tickles your fancy here =)
  3. A no clue name person! O__O Weeeeeelcome to the site!
  4. I skimmed you intro post : )

    You seem like an interesting person with a lot to say. Welcome. You'll fit in well here!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes!
  6. It's nice to see this sudden and unprecedented influx of tabletop gamers. Or would-be tabletop gamers, in your case, I suppose. Hi there, NoClue.

    It can be hard to find local interest sometimes. We've had some luck on here organizing games to play over Roll20, so you might check that out. You could ask Asmodeus (one of our Staff members) about how he uses it for his Pathfinder campaign, although I'm afraid signups are closed.
  7. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.