Hi, I'm new!

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  1. Hello there!

    I'm Elle, and I just joined the site a few moments ago.

    I've been wanting to RP for quite some time now (years, actually), but it's only now that I decided to join my first ever RP site. To be honest, I am quite nervous, and when I first saw one of the RPs, I was intimidated... and still am. |:

    I'm kind of new to the forum stuff, but (shrugs) I guess I'll get used to it over time.

    So yeah, I guess that's it for now. [=
  2. HI! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Cammy, the official Iwaku Pet :)

    The best way to get started, I think, is to check out Roleplay 101. It has lots of great resources to get you started! If you're looking for a less intimidating way to start roleplaying, check out the Jump-In Roleplays. They're exactly what they sound like, you can jump right in at any time, and most don't require a character sheet at all!

    Then there's the cbox; it's a great way to get connected to some of the characters around here that call themselves members!

    If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask! Hope you have fun here!
  3. Welcome, Elle, welcome to Iwaku and to the awesome world of roleplay!

    Here, please have a cookie- You deserve it!

    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you.
    I remember my very very first roleplay. It wasn't that long ago... but it wasn't in this site either.
    Oh, sure it looks intimidating the first time! But it's FUN!!!

    I ate my fingernails up to my knuckles after submitting my first CS until someone answered and told me I was OK to go.
    That was fun. I had no idea if I was doing things right... or what...
    I applied the principle, ''Wherever you go, do what you see others do''.

    But it happened that I did pretty ok, and I had a blast with that game. :D

    I wholeheartedly wish you have a great time!
    And if you need anything, -just like Cammy said- please ask!
  4. Hello! :)
    No need to be intimidated, everyone's quite friendly (I've never been bitten beofre anyway) and they'll all- including me- help you if you're confused or just want to ask a random question.
    Can't wait to rp with you :) x
  5. There are only a new people that bite, I wouldn't be worries!

    Hello Elle, a pleasure to meet you! I've been roleplaying for years but I do remember how intimidating it can be when you first start out! I still get nervous when I start a new roleplay with somebody that's better known than I am or that I think is more skilled. You'll relax with time - just join some Jump-In Roleplays and you'll be on your way in no time!

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message! Have fun! ^-^
  6. Just randomly posting here but those cookies look god damn nice :o
  7. Hello there new person! I am Rain and if you have any sudden questions please don't be afraid to ask them! Other than that, have lots of fun! Welcome to the Community!
  8. Hiya new person and dont worry we dont bite...much, any way welcome to Iwaku and have a nice stay.
  9. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm October nice to meet you! Don't be nervous, we were all new at one point as well : ) If you need anything feel free to ask!

    Hope to see you in some RPs soon!
  10. ^^ I joined yesterday, welcome welcome
  11. Wow, cookies look great! And thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm actually feeling very excited about this whole role-playing thing now! You're all so cool.
  12. Hello new lady! 8D I am late to the welcome committee, but I hope you are finding cool roleplays!
  13. Forums are different than what I'm used to. I'm still getting used to them. >.<