Hi! I'm new here, nice to meet you!

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  1. hello there! I'm new here and nice to meet you. My Name is RafaDark i'm someone that is "rare" i think...
    I don't dislike almost nothing... New to Role-Playing because i never played it on the net... well... thats is what i have to talk of myself... i'm more helpful responding things than making myself the explanation... so~... what do you think of me? If you want to know more about me just ask i will try to answer all your questions about me and stuff that i like... if i'm not sleeping or out of my net range.
  2. Well hello there, Rafadark, welcome to the site! :D
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  3. Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Welcome to the site man. You'll enjoy it around here.
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  5. A hello to you new person, welcome to Iwaku!
    Thanks for joining and enjoy playing roles!
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  6. Hello there and thanks :)