hi im new here but not new to forums just a get to know realy

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  1. hi im norevenge
    hi to all of the other new guys and girls joining and im sure ill learn form all new and old the experiences of being new to some where is just like when you go to a new school collage e.c.t
  2. This ain't not college! *cowgirl draw to her voice* we ain't no institusion. We son, are a playground for folks who just want to use their imagination see!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku

    Everyone is new at some point, I think of it like being a new car or invention!

    I'm October nice to meet you.
  4. hi if your wondering what type of person I am *gets out a paper list that looks bigger than its really is by self by rolling down on the ground and continuing in to the distance* I am a Aug(human a bit like Adam Jenson form the deus ex human revolution game but with a twist i don't really get on well vampires and like to sneak around ! *some one in the distance screams "Spy around here oh gawk stabbed my sentry" an explosion erupts from inside a near by *
  5. Hiya!


    And you'll find that most people on this site can be awkward <3

    New people find the wiki a good place to start. It tells you all about Iwaku :3 And that one is right Here

    The roleplay academy is a pretty good place for people new to roleplaying to start. You can find the Academy right Here.

    Hope to see you around Iwaku <3

  6. cool thanks also would you be interested in joining my chat box session that im running now from 9-10 pm gmt to day on city chatbox?
    its on every day same time same place