Hi! I'm new here @_@

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  1. Hello. My name is Jenn and I'm a new resident here, I suppose @-@;. Hope to get to know people, stop by and RP I guess when I have time! I know I'll probably have fun here ;;


    What nicknames do you like to be called? Jenn is fine with me.

    Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya? Female~ and I'll leave that a mystery

    What's your favorite genres to roleplay? Fantasy, SciFi

    What kind of characters do you usually play? MONSTER GIRLS. Or Villians. OR BOTH...

    Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs? Zombie fox plush. Just because it has zombie in the title :].

    Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~! Foster the people - Helena Beat ( '3')~ ~( 'e')~
  2. welcome to iwaku ^^
    Join us in our insanity ;)
  3. Thanks!
    I sure hope to :]
  4. Rawr >;3 First welcomer~
    Hiyo and welcome! Ima Pork Buns~ Please to meet chu! Hopefully we can meet up in a RP soon~!
  5. If my eyes are not deceiving me, you have a blue Pomeranian as your avatar! It's SO cute. I love me some Pom's.
    Anywho, I'm Celest! It's nice to meet you. Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy it!
  6. Hi Miss Jenzz. >:3 Welcome to the site!~
  7. Thank you all for the welcome!! And I sure hope to get started on RPing, but, I don't really know where to start '3' ;
    @Celest; I know! Thank you :]
  8. Welcome to Iwaku, Jennzies. I'm Tenchi-Roku and I hope you njoy your stay with us. :D

    There's a large choice of RPs, so if you need help searching feel free to ask anyone for help. ^^
  9. Well, a mentor may help you get started. You can sign up for one here .
  10. Thank you! And I sure will. This has to be the first actual RP site I have ever joined. So... I apologize if I seem confused and running around in circles.
    And if I do need help, I'll make to talk to one of the mods! :]

    Most people is pretty friendly in here, and so am I, depending on the moon phases and what I had for breakfast. If you need any help, just ask me or anybody around!

    The forums are also well organized. We keep our In Character threads separate from our Out Of Character in two different forums. Just give it a browse, you'll get familiar with it soonish! And also remember you can join us at the Cbox!
  12. Welcome to Iwaku, Jennzies! I've already seen you make posts in General so it looks like you're getting the hang of the place, hey? We're glad to have you. =)