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  1. I'm brand new here. This site was recommended to me by silverkiramoto. I was on My Candy Love and I was in the RP forums, having a good time but then my RP was going down hill. So I decided to come here instead. I might reboot my old rp from that forum and do it here because I really loved it the rp until it started sucking big time.

    Anyways, lovely to meet you all!
  2. Nice to meet you! If you post your Roleplay in Roleplay Talk, I'm sure you can get lots of interest, and even a GM to moderate things if you'd rather take it easy and be a player this time :)

    Trippy signature by the way!
  3. Greetings, and weclome to Iwaku, Mockery!
  4. *Can't speak, hypnotized by siggy image* o____o coloorrfuuulll
  5. Lovely to meet you too!

    I'm October. Welcome!
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, return your RPs unto glory ^^
    And maybe find other as wondrous stories to behold us :D
  7. Whoops! Studio Killers has that effect on people. :)

    And I am so happy for the warm welcome. I came here because the site, My Candy Love, has forums for RPs but...okay, I am not trying to be mean but HOLY COW, it seems like grammar goes there to die
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.