hi, i'm hayley

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  1. What do you prefer to be called? hayley

    Boy, girl, or a mystery? girl

    How many years young are you? 19

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying? new to the site, i've been roleplaying since i was about 9.

    Groups or One on One? occasional group, but i have a slight preference for one on ones. easier to work with.

    Pool or Beach? beach! i just left south florida to go to college a few weeks ago. i lived 15 minutes away from the beach, now i'm about 2 hours from anything decent and... i didn't know what i had until it was gone.

    hi, i'm hayley. i've been roleplaying on and off for a long time. i actually started on board 14 on neopets (don't judge) doing wolves... then eventually moved onto harry potter a few years later when that was in style. i fell in love with playing james potter and adore anyone willing to do james x lily with me. now i do the odd hp themed roleplay along with all the random stuff. i love pretty much any plot as long as it's modern or future and some romance is involved. seriously... apartment life, stuck on an island, post-apocalyptic society, light zombie stuff... just ask.

    i generally prefer to portray male characters... but not always. i only do straight. i don't do anime, animals, and probably other things that don't immediately spring to mind.

    i'm really happy to have found this site, and i'm looking forward to meeting/roleplaying with everyone :)
  2. thanks ms wrong! if those were your cookies irl, i'm so jealous... they're perfect.

    hey benny!
  3. how are you?
  4. i'm doing well, thanks, how about you?
  5. I'm good!
    -randomly butts in-

    How are you getting used to things around here, hay-hay? Found any amazing roleplays yet?
  6. Im well thank you.
  7. i'm starting to find my way around, and i actually did find one amazing roleplay so far. thanks for asking! :)