Hi, I'm Beckett

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  1. I'm feeling anonymous lately, hope you all don't mind.

    I followed someone here to support their role play. I have several years experience with role playing, but life has got the better of me and I find myself with less time as of late. Still, it's nice to have a site to peruse, and I am glad to be here.

  2. Welcome to Iwaku Anonymous! I hope you enjoy your stay, and hopefully it compares to your seven other years of roleplay.

    Here, have potato
  3. *waves to the mysterious Beckett in welcome* It great to know you are a supportive friend. I think you'll find that you are in good company here at Iwaku. I have met many great people so far.

    We look forward to the day you might decide to come from the shadows and join us for cookies and storytelling.
  4. We're glad that you're here too, Beckett. Welcome to Iwaku, and enjoy your stay ^ ^
  5. salutations beckett i shall hope nothing but good will be falls you
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, and potato.
  7. Hi Beckett! :D Welcome to the site!