Hi, I'm a noob to this site XD

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  1. Hello! My name's figgy. I like long walks on the beach, picnics in the park and eating frozen yogurt at sunset with that special someone

    .......oh, wait, wrong introduction speech.

    You may call me figgy, figs, fig, or any variation of that name that is not foggy or fuggy. I use to roleplay a lot on another site but it changed for the worse to I came here cause a friend recommended it XD Hopefully it'll be fun XD There's a crap ton of things that I have yet to sort through. It's a bit intimidating actually ._.

    I'd kinda like to meet lots of new people from this site so I'm commenting everywhere and chatting before I start rping XD If your interested in chatting comment and say something XD I won't bite.

    ...probably. I've been able to control the urges as of late (>^_^)>
  2. ...mmmm figs tasty.....
    <--defiantly does bite

    welcome to iwaku ^.^, I hope it turns out for the better here, it's full of lots of nice sunsets, frozen yogurt, picnics and 'special' people
  3. ahaha XD good to hear XD

    and are they really? I've never eaten one....
  4. It depends, I don't know what type of figs grow on my grandma's trees, there delicious while I've eaten others that were good but not great...
    Should I take a bite and check what type you are ?XD
  5. Ahahaha XD No need, I'm pretty sure I already know what kind of fig I am XD besides, you seem like you'd enjoy it a bit too much >.> XD