Hi. I uh, Guess.

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  1. Hello, Whats up? Hows life? Hows your mom doing? Good? Good to hear that.
    Heh, Anyways, Hey, My names NothingProductive, Cause I usually do anything productive, But you can call me Maple.
    I'll usually roleplay ANYTHING. But if I rp with you, I'm sorry if i'm terrible. ;_;

    I'm kind of a joker, And use A LOT of bad jokes, which are kind of funny sometimes.

    I'm a HUGE dubstep/DnB/Electro/drumstep listener. I usually listen to Monstercatmedia. They post good stuff.

    Im also a really big gamer. Im into a game call League of Legends (maybe if any of you play it we can play together?) and usually only play that, but sometimes i'll throw in some Zelda or Pokemon or Minecraft into the mix.
    I dunno.

    I watch anime, but I haven't completed that many. One that I have completed and love, which you probably have seen before, Is Sword Art Online.
    I tried to watch Bleach but I didnt like it. And I kinda watch Kaichou wa Maid-sama. ;3;

    I seem like kind of a boring person now that I think about it, Heh.
    Anyways, uh, Drop me a message I guess and we can RP?
    I'll usually always be on. No life FTW.
  2. Yeah, League is pretty popular around here, so you're going to have TONS of fellow Iwaku gamers. ^^

    Shame corner: I had no clue that the heck it was until this place. I'm a huge console gamer, and it wasn't until I met this awesome person on here that's a pretty big online gamer that I learned of ALL THIS AWESOME. :3

    But welcome.
    yeah, my mom is well.
    How's yours?
    Good weather? No? Well, pity.

    Zelda is the bomb. Pokemon is the bomb diggity. SUPER MARIO IS SUPREME. And everyone loves Crash and Banjo-Kazooie.

    Welcome to Iwaku!!! Should you need any help with anything, just ask! :D