Hi, I am new, I am a little confused though.

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  1. So to intrduce myself, I took a small survey. ^w^

    What do you prefer to be called? Hibiki, Kanami, Hibi.

    Boy, girl, or a mystery? Mystery. OwO

    How old are you? 16.

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying? Yes.

    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner? Most single partners, it's easier on my concentration problems. ^^"

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind? Jin Akanishi-Seasons.

    What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life? That no matter how difficult your life is... In the end it's still worth trying and living until you die. And...real friends never let you go no matter what happens..

    I am a writer on 16 years, I love fantasy, anime/manga, yaoi, yuri, cats, dogs, clocks, frying pans and RAIN! <3 *u*
  2. Hello there, Kanami! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. Thank you ^^
  4. Welcome to Iwaki Hibi! I hope you like it here. ^_^
  5. Thank you ^__^ I am glad to have joined Iwaku. c:

  6. I'm gonna resist the urge to make a song parody and just welcome you straight up.

    Welcome, Hibi.
  7. Haha thanks x3 ^^

  8. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
  9. Hehe thank you~ ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.