Hi. Hola. Konnichiwa. You get the point :D

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Hi everyone. My name is Ritsuka. I am relatively knew to roleplaying so please bear with me. I'm not completely hopeless I promise!


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Cyberpunk, Horror, Bizarre/Surrealism, Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Grimdark.
Hello Ritsuka! I am Dawn, token Jrock fangirl of Iwaku. Welcome to the family and I hope you have a great time here! If you're bored or unsure of where to start, you could always check out the cbox where a handful of us members reside and waste time.

Hope to see you around <3 ^^

Edit: your name is a Loveless reference, right?
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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Welcome to Iwaku, Ritsuka. Glad you decided to become active!

You could always head over and fill out a Roleplay Resume (even if you are new to Rping) it may be a good place to break the ice. Some other useful information is located here. If you need help or have questions about anything feel free to ask : )


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Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Modern, History; just about anything, really. Though, I am not too big on Romance.
*pokes Ritsuka* >>

Eheh. Welcome to the Iwaku!
I am Loveless, one of the many wonderful staff members here on the site.
Also meaning, if you ever need assistance, please feel free to ask. :D
All the names in Purple, Blue, and Red are part of Staff. (Staff, Global Mods, and Administrators)
So, feel welcomed to come up to any of us if you need any help with the site! <3

I hope you enjoy yourself here on Iwaku by becoming an active member with posting, being involved in General and Board Games, and if you wish to get to know the members here on the site more, come into the Cbox for some great chatting!
And if you're truly insane, welcome yourself to the Asylum (be warned....).

*tips hat* Have a great day,
And can't wait to see your name around the site. ^^


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Hallo and welcome to the site! :D

Fel of the Eternal Forest

Original poster
I get the point? Are you carrying a stick?


Original poster
Well welcome to the site. Would post up those nice helpful links but it seems that that has already been done by the staff.

So again welcome, cause I got nothing besides that and I hope you have fun on Iwaku!


Original poster
Welcome to Iwaku I hope you find this your second home. I have. Please pm me if you have any questions.